Jean-Claude GIBLIN

Graduate of HEC Paris Business School (1968)

Jean-Claude has a large experience in the field of transport, especially air transport, and a wide-ranging practice in marketing, communication, strategy and management.

He gained his expertise working for three different companies: Air Inter (French domestic airline), SNCF (French railways), and Air France.

Besides, he was a board member of Amadeus France (global travel distribution), Orly-Val (railway transport) and Visit France (tour operating).

Marketing is his first area of specialization, where he held significant positions : Chief of Marketing research of SNCF, Marketing Vice-President of Air Inter, Deputy Vice-president for Product Development and Quality of Air France.

In these jobs, he worked a lot in the field of branding, advertising, direct marketing, and frequent flyer programs.

He developed strategy skills further, when he was in charge of the merger of Air France and Air Inter in the commercial area and then responsible for the Commercial Coordination of Alliances for Air France. 

Jean-Claude Giblin

During 2 years, he was Adviser to the French Minister of Transport, first regarding railroads, then air transport, a position where quick strategic thinking is paramount.

Managing people or budgets is something he did through his different positions. He has had important responsibilities in either staffing or budgetary terms. He has also got a significant experience in the management of projects.

Since 2004, he works as Associate Senior Consultant for EDR. His specificity is to advise firms or administrations (State, Regions or Cities) or both, to develop their projects, to make these acceptable by their social or political environment.

He has been working for various airlines, railroads, buses, French administration, Regional Councils, Ville de Paris, and Algerian government, etc.


Prospective, Strategy, Organization, Marketing, Communication, Branding and Team Management, Transports and Regional Planning.