EDR : a team of senior consultants

EDR is specialized in the design of regional and urban policies: planning, sustainable development, economic attractiveness, public utilities (energy, transportation and mobility, waste management…), and smart territories. Most of the time, these issues require the involvement of private actors as well as public authorities.

EDR Associates are senior consultants who have experience in private and in public management. They are able to take a comprehensive view of a local situation and design the appropriate policies in a long term perspective.

Strategy of energy efficiency and development of renewable energies: assets analysis, demand side management (in public utilities, transportation, private businesses, domestic consumers, support to renewable energies), urbanism and housing, smart grids…

Project for a sustainable region or city: economic forecasting, regional and urban planning, program of infrastructures, public utilities, public private partnerships.

Smart City and smart territory: analysis of the present situation, design of different projects, technical aid for their implementation.

Strategy of economic development: assets analysis, support to small and medium business, clusters, services to business, banking and finance services …

Water management and sewerage

Sustainable mobility and transportation

Economic and environment impact of: a new equipment (motorway, airport, dam …), a new plant, a new policy.

Education of local civil servants

Our consultants have :

a public and private sector experience : 100%
director’s experience : 70%
been elected : 25%

Our main fields of expertise

  • Power systems and energy management
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Sustainable development strategies
  • International development strategies
  • Public transportation and freight deliveries



Our last references

  • Dunkerque and Côte d’opale metropolitan project : Challenges of the Metropolitan area (2013) and development strategy (2014)
  • Burgundy region : Challenges for the future and design of the project “Burgundy 2030“ (2011-2013)
  • Algerian ministry for regional planning, environement and sustainable development (In partnership with URBACO, Constantine Urban Agency) : Regional development scheme for the Deep-South (Sahara) (2009-2014)
  • Veolia water : Contractual policy diagnostic and propositions for new contractual practices (2012-2013)
  • Association of French Régions (ARF) : Feasibility study for implementation of public regional energy utilities (2013)

Our clients