Graduate in electromechanical engineering and in business administration

Jacques joined Electricité de France where he held successive positions in the Economic, Financial and Distribution Divisions from 1965 to 1975.

For two years (1969–1971), he served as Economic and Industrial Advisor at the French Embassy in London (UK) tasked with promoting Franco-British industrial ventures.

From 1975 to 1993 he played an active role at both the regional and national political levels. As Economic Advisor to the President of the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council (1975-1981), he contributed to programs designed to support the development of small to medium-sized firms and established a venture capital company dedicated to regional economic development.

He was elected Member of Parliament in 1981, for a constituency near Toulouse, and was subsequently re-elected two other terms of office. He was Vice-President of the National Assembly in 1985-1986. A recognized authority in micro-economics and industrial policies, he served as Parliamentary comptroller for the Ministry of Industry with responsibility for monitoring French policy in European energy, aeronautics, and light industry.

During this period he also was elected, as is common practice in France, to successive local offices: Mayor of a suburban town near Toulouse of 7.000 populations, as well as Departmental or Regional Counselor.

Jacques Roger-Machart returned to International Department of EDF in 1993 where he was Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. In 1997, EDF decided to act for electric transportation compatible with sustainable development. Jacques was in charge, as Executive Vice President, to set up a new department in charge of Electric Mobility.

Jacques Roger-Machart

He retired from EDF in 2000 and founded with Francis AMPE the consulting bureau “Enterprises & Regional Development”, advising either local authorities for their economic policies or firms for their environmental strategy: transportation, energy, sustainable development, urban planning.

In 2006, he served as Team Leader of a European project “Support to the Assembly of Kosovo” for a consortium of four Parliaments –Assemblée Nationale (France), Bundestag (Germany), Assemblée Populaire (Belgique), Parliament (Slovenia) – and Institut International de Paris La Defense.

Publications :

  •  “The Euro-Arab dilemma: harnessing public and private capital to generate jobs and growth in the Arab Region”-CSFI-1994.

    Several publications in French, on small & medium business and entrepreneurship in France and the US, management of public utilities, sustainable transportation systems, regional development.