Sustainable development strategies

Dunkerque and Côte d’opale metropolitan project

Challenges of the Metropolitan area (2013) and development strategy (2014)

Burgundy region

Challenges for the future and design of the project “Burgundy 2030“ (2011-2013)

Planet finances France – CDC

Auditing a device for detection of entrepreneurs in suburbs with social problems (2010).

Design of a development and equipment scheme Landes 2040

A Department, South-West of France, hired us to help for the preparation of their long term Scheme of equipment and development “Landes 2040” (2009-2010)

Our clients

Reims metropole 2020

The newly elected mayor of Reims undertook the urban project Reims 2020. In partnership with urban planner Bruno Fortier, EDR designed a metropolitan area economic strategy at a scale of 10 towns around Reims (2009).

International development strategies

Strasbourg urban area

Design of a European Strategy as a capital (headquarter of the European Parliament and as a major city of the Upper Rhine Region (2010).

Twin Cities of Rennes and Nantes as a European metropolitan area

Twin cities of Rennes and Nantes share an urban area of high potential which was assessed in order to design a common strategy for the two cities of promotion at the European level (2011).