Jean-Philippe ROCHON

Graduat from Ecole des Ingénieurs Electriciens de Grenoble (ENSI) (1979)

Jean Philippe ROCHON has acquired a wide knowledge of the energies sector:

  • Within EDF and GDF Suez, both in metropolitan France, in the overseas French departments and worldwide,
  • Within ALPIQ, a Swiss utility and one of the main competitors for EDF in France.

Through his past experiences, he had the chance to acquire a large range of competences:

  • A sound expertise in management, International Groups strategies, social relations,
  • A large experience of high level public and institutional relations, both in France and worldwide,
  • A wide knowledge of Mergers and Acquisitions sector, in France and abroad.

After having occupied various technical and managing positions in the Distribution Division of EDF and GDF, he was the personal advisor for two national Heads of Distribution Division.

In 1995, he took over the position of Head of EDF and GDF Brest and, in 1996, Head of EDF Guadeloupe, managing all the activities of the Groups in these departments: generation, renewables, commercial, public relations, and management of 750 employees in a challenging social context.

Jean-Phlippe Rochon

In 2000, he joined the EDF International Division, as Senior Vice-President and Deputy Director. He was in charge, in particular, of EDF development projects and sales offices in Europe (Italy, Spain, Benelux, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland), as well as B2B operations in those countries. He was Chairman of 3 companies (SIA, DEMASZ and BERT), and member of the Board of Directors of others (EDF Belgium, Motor Columbus, ATEL …). He led some important negotiations in Europe, in the frame of Mergers and Acquisitions deals, running as well the relations with Brussels and the foreign governments and authorities. As Director of International and Gas Strategy, he redefined the EDF Group strategy for all the Regions of the World (Europe, Asia, CEE, Middle East, India, etc.).

In 2009, he joined the private and competitive energy sector, as Western Europe Managing Director of ALPIQ (First Swiss Electricity Utility), in charge of the management and the development of the activities in France, Spain and Benelux. In that position, he developed several CCGT building and acquisitions projects, both in France and Spain. He was also deeply involved in the French hydro concessions renewal: national and local lobbying, technical and economic analyses…

In 2012, he decided to create his own company, PHILERGIES, specialized in the energy sector: realization of consulting missions notably in the field of hydro concessions in France, of M & A mandates for acquirers, in the sectors of windmills, photovoltaic farms, heating networks…, of projects development of biomass cogeneration plants, geothermal units…

Since May 2013, he is Associate Consultant n EDR.