EDR offers its expertise in local policy engineering :

  • in energy
  • in urban and regional planning,
  • in regional economy and sustainable development,
  • in public services management (transport, energy, water, waste…).

Our projects are very often at the edge between companies and public management.

Our consultants have :

both public and private sector experience : 100%
director’s experience : 70%
been elected : 25%

We bring strategic consulting and operative support to :

  • local authorities facing development, land use planning, environmental issues (i.e. designing new policies),
  • companies willing to adapt their services to the need of local authorities (i.e. designing public-private partnership)  ;
  • local authorities willing to adapt its governance to face new issues, using participatory democracy and designing public debates.

Since 2006, EDR has been in partnership with URBACO (Constantine, Algéria), to address several contracts in Algeria with the Ministry of Regional Planning, Environment and Tourism. URBACO-EDR Group offers urban and regional planning skills, on economic development and on social issues. 

Our consultants have :

Master’s degree of science
Master’s degree of economics 
a PhD
Master’s degree of architecture