Power systems and energy management

Several Associates – Jacques ROGER-MACHART and Jean-Philippe ROCHON – together combine a great experience in power supply strategies and energy efficiency:

  • Energy policy and strategic planning at regional and national levels
  • Assistance for energy sector restructuring
  • Regulation and development of energy markets and cross-border power trade
  • Power systems’ master plans
  • Tariff policy formulation and tariff-setting
  • Thermal and renewable energies development (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, biomass, wind power, concentrating solar power, PV)
  • Energy efficiency in regional and urban planning
  • Electrical mobility
  • Cogeneration (heat and electricity)
  • Smart grids and smart energy management

Water management

Local authorities are in full responsibility for water supply and purification. But water consumption for urban use must be balanced with agriculture or agriculture utilization. And environmental aspects are decisive for a sustainable consumption of water.